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Calm Sea
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Come along and armchair travel with this latest read. If you want to know what life is all about FOR THOSE working at sea, then this is a must read for ANYONE seeking employment in the cruise industry. 

The curtain is pulled back and crew door opened for the behind the scenes glimpse into the cruise industry. 

cruise book

Welcome to the GALLERY where one can see a glimpse into each chapter.


Enclosed are select visuals with some vocabulary that are mentioned throughout the book. 

ship zones, port side, starboard side, bridge, ship map, bow, stern
cruise ship, pier, dock
ship vocabulary, terminology, cruise terms

Chapter 1

Happy Birthday

gangway, cruise ship, entrance to ship

Crew Gangway

crew cabins, below deck, crew quarters, cruise cabins

Crew cabins below deck

water tight door, below deck, crew area

Chapter 2

Food for Thought

lunch, crew lunch, cheeseburger, french fries

Chapter 3


contraband, food, underground market, potato chips, sandwich
crew quarters, cruise ship hallway, passage way

Chapter 4

Missing Laundry

laundry machine, dryer, crewmember, washing laundry
bunk beds, crew bunks, crewmembers quarters, below deck, cruise cabin

Chapter 5

Ministry Unveiled

bibles, word of God, church resource, crew member service
 bibles, church hymn books, worship, church service at sea
christian, place of worship, fellowship, church service

Chapter 6
Noodle Man, Baker and Milkshake Maker

contraband, noodles, cookies, ice cream, milkshape, black market items
baker, cookies, delicious snacks, tea time

Chapter 7

Drug Mule

urine test, urine sample, drug test
ship zones, bridge, port side, starboard side, ship layout
forgiveness, divine

Chapter 8

Down Under

australia, tasmania, Bonorong wildlife santuary, kangaroo
koala, australia, bonorong wildlife sanctuary
koala, australia, down under
australia, kangaroo, marsupial

Chapter 9

Captain's Hearing

india, goa, police force, india, precinct, police department, police force, security
venice, gondola ride, waterway, italy
india, flag, india crewmember
venice, rialto bridge, gondola ride, waterway

Chapter 10

Terror at Sea

cruise ship, crew quarters, crew area, stairs
sunset, cruise, sunrise, land, sea, sailing, cruising, cruiseship
seafarer and crewmember

Chapter 11

Christmas in South Pacific

cruise ship, bridge, officers, captain,
south pacific, bora bora, island, paradise, beautiful island, french polynesia
coconut tress, rangiroa, south pacific, island, hot day, atoll, french polynesia
bora bora, south pacific, island, paradise, beautiful island, huts, hotel, french polynesia
french polynesia, south pacific, marquesas islands
Camel in Desert

Chapter 12

Fire! Fire!

cruise ship, port hole, Egypt, arrival, port said

Ship arrival into Port Said and
looking out my Officer port hole.

egypt, children, cairo, egyptian children, hot day in cairo

Excited Egyptian children greet me.

port said, toll booth, entrance, security check point

Leaving Port Said
3 hour drive into Cairo

egypt, cairo, camel, camels

 A camel posse meeting in the dry heat of Egypt.

cairo, egypt, pyramids, camel
sphinx, cairo, egypt

Arrival in Cairo to enjoy
the Pyramids.

Sphinx in Cairo
A beautiful day

cairo, pyramid, egypt

Standing at the base of the pyramid and looking up.

egypt, egyptian camel, camel, cairo

The camel smiles for me!

cairo, egypt, alleyway, back alley, camels, horses,

Back alleyway just a few steps from where I left the crew at the chicken fast food vendor.

pyramids, cairo, egypt, view from KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cairo

Standing on the steps of KFC entrance and this is the view. 

streets of cairo, cairo, downtown egypt, camels, transportation in cairo

Camel Posse on the streets of Cairo.

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