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The ARTIST in Me

Dancer, Musician, Painter, Theatre and Film

Concert Hall

Life before becoming a Sailor

I was born an artist and did not know it until I first performed at the age of five years old in a solo choreographed dance performance.  At the tender age of eleven I was selected by a  scout and made my first published album as a vocalist with an ensemble. 


At this moment, I realized that I was in absolute bliss working in a recording studio and in front of a camera. Shortly thereafter, I performed on stage with a large studio audience which gave me the opportunity to express myself in artistic avenues that I did not know existed within me.


  By twelve years old I made my first television debut in a TV series and it was then that I knew my destiny.  Before entering into University, I had already performed on a number of stages as a Musician across the city and realized that I had to follow my passion and talents as an artist.

Against all odds, I persevered and sojourned on the challenging and tumultuous journey to follow my passion. With a scholarship in hand and awarded several bursaries, I delved into visual arts as a Painter, performing as a Musician, working in the Theatre in Production and in front of the camera as an Actress.

I was blessed with opportunities to blend the arts together: composing and scoring music for film projects, working on commercials, and exploring various roles in front of the camera on several films and television series.

Despite several setbacks, tribulations and traumas, I faced the vicissitudes in life head on with a drive to succeed. Armed with three university degrees and a film and music resume, I was ready and eager for another level of education which was only available at sea. 

"The Untold Tales of a Sailor at Sea" invites you to look at the life of this artist and join in the adventures of exploring new avenues while discovering opportunites along life's journey.


Juggling life with two identities - on land as an artist and at sea in the cruise industry as a crewmember becomes a life richly filled with blessings and moments of a lifetime.

When I am not at sea, I am working on land as an artist honing my craft full time while entertaining, perfecting my master of multiple languages, and exploring new recipes.


I enjoy volunteering weekly in my local community teaching English to immigrants and serving as a Chalice Bearer. 

One can also find me at the Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Art Gallery, Museum, dancing on iceskates or rollerblades and at the gym. Sometimes I am spotted at a basketball or baseball game and even on chess dot com. 

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